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Hello everyone! The server has been upgraded! No more of that stupid Hamachi nonsense! I have finally Portforwarded and turned Deathcraft Minecraft Survival Server, Into a VoltZ server. Remember though the version of the VoltZ modpack is 1.0.13 and must be at that to join! So now everyone is welcome to join and we are now Configuring admins ect. So I am very happy to let everyone know that the server is now open to public and has been portforwarded!

server down

Arbiter_8748 a posted Aug 9, 12
As you probably know the servers been down for the past couple months due to issue with the hamachi responding to the server.exe and is closed till further notice dont panic! its will be up again soon!
We are currently experiancing probloms with the server. We are having a new map and a new hamachi network id. I am currently playing on onther server and the ip to that server is: So go check it out. And we are experiancing probloms with the hamachi network and the server connecting considering I have so many old server files that it cant tell which one to use. It should be fixed soon and the new hamachi network id will be fixed on the banned soon. So thank you all.
kate8765 a Do you like our pet Albert? ...
Arbiter_8748 a Omg i miss you too. On blocktown we connected our rooms mines a mancave its awesome. ...
kate8765 a i miss u! i havent seen u in forever
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Deathcraft has now been officially actually been reborn!
Grounded wont be up for maybe couple days and i was away on friday i will find ways to keep you updated
By banned i mean banner and servers down till friday Buying new monitor
New infomation on the banned
Deathcraft IS REBORN
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